Ph D. - Geotechnical Engineering
Published:2012-02-22 Hits:6772

Duration: 3 years full-time


Major areas of research include:

Deep foundation and pile foundation

Soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering

Deep excavations and slopes

Soil - structure interaction

Soft soil engineering

Underground space planning and technology


Major Courses:

Engineering Properties of Soils  

Advanced Soil Mechanics

Foundation Engineering in Soft Soils

Soil - Foundation - Super Structure interaction (I)

Pile Foundation Engineering (II)

Soil Dynamics (II)

Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering (II)

Deep Excavation Engineering (II)

Urban Underground Space Planning and Design

Underground Space Engineering

Urban Economics

Urban Traffic Engineering

Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics



*Gao Dazhao ,Liu Jianhang, Yang Min, Zhou Jian, Gao Guangyun,

Huang Maosong, Liu Guobin