JianCong XU
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Education Background


  • 2005  PhD. in disaster prevention and reduction engineering and protective engineering, Zhejiang University, China
  • 2003  M.S. in environmental (rock-soil) engineering, Fuzhou University, China
  • 1989  B.S., in engineering geology, Fuzhou University, China


Research Interests


  • Slope stability evaluation and disaster control and Disposal technology of mountainous terrain with complicated geologic conditions
  • Dynamic effect research of underground engineering and geotechnical engineering under dynamic load
  • Application of nonlinear scientific theory in underground engineering, engineering geology and geotechnical engineering
  • Research and development of the integrated system of early warning and policy making, which deals with water inrush under high pressure in The Chanel Tunnel, and the brust unstability disaster
  • Monitoring and disaster prevention technology of landslide, rock-soil, and underground engineering
  • Seepage control of rock masses with cracks
  • Crucial technology in the foundation design of grand bridges’ pylons