Key Researches on the Mechanical and Waterproofing Ability of Segment Joints of Shield-driven Tunnel
Published:2015-01-02 Hits:1622
      With the development of economy, various definition of functions of urban districts, and rapid development of technology in tunnel engineering, the Rapid Transit by tunnel has become a more and more significant way for exchanges and communications between cities. Recently, due to meet the demand of economy, a lot of large shield-driven tunnels across seas or rivers are under planning or constructions home and abroad. In this situation, the lastest research fields on shiled tunnel are how to slove theoritical and practical issues brought by large diameters, ultra-high water pressure and huge buried depth. Thus, it is with great significance to study the mechanical and waterproofing abilities of shield tunnel, in order to ensure its good service performance during the whole life cycle. Based on the egineering practice in a series of under-sea and under-river tunnels, our research groups have developed key technical systems including theoritical prediction, test evaluation and numerical optimization. The above-mentioned achievements have been successfully applied in the Nanjin Weisan Road Tunnel, with the highest water pressure till now in China, and provided benificial tips for the design, construction and mangement department.
1) Waterproofing system layout of segment joints of shield tunnel under ultra-high water pressure
2) Theoritical prediction, test evaluation and numerical optimization of EPDM Rubber for waterproofing ability of segment joints
3) Reliable and fining model of segment joints
Combine various disciplines, such as optimization in mathematics, indoor model test, continuous deformation analysis, R-Development of sofeware.
Significant Results and Potential Impact
1) A novel waterproofing ability analysis and computing method for EPDM rubber
2) Fining seepage numerical model of segment joints based on COHESIVE Element
3) The testing system for waterproofing performance of segment joints of shield tunnel
4) Shell-joint model for lining structures of shield tunnel 
Principal Investigator:
DING Wenqi, YAN Zhiguo, ZHU Hehua, Liu Xian, LI Xiaojun(Tongji Univ.).
1) National Natural Science Foundation of China (51378388)
2) National Natural Science Foundation of China (50878149)
Key Publication
(1) Wenqi Ding, Yicheng Peng, Zhiguo Yan, Biwei Shen, Hehua Zhu. Full-Scale Testing and Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of Shield TBM Tunnel Joints. Journal of Structural Engineering and Mechanics. 2013, 45(3): 333-350.
(2) Qingzhao Zhang, Mingrong Shen, Wenqi Ding*. Shearing Creep Properties of Cements with Different Irregularities on Two Surfaces. Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 2012, 9(2): 210-217.

Test system


Seepage layout of EPDM rubber


Hydraulic fracturing of EPDM rubber


Numerical model of EPDM rubber

Shell-joint model