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About DGE
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      The Department of Geotechnical Engineering in the College of Civil Engineering at Tongji University was established in 1958. Since then. It is one of the first departments engaged in the education and research on geotechnical engineering and underground engineering in China. Integrating the traditional superior disciplines in the field of civil engineering such as structural engineering (underground structure), geotechnical engineering and geological engineering, the department boasts a long history, strong comprehensive strength and remarkable professional peculiarity at the University. The department is responsible for educating and supervising undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, and Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering. It enjoys great prestige both at home and abroad for its outstanding performance in teaching and research. Professional talents it produced are now working all over the world.

     The department has a staff of 107, among which there are 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, 32 professors, and  24 associate professors. Apart from 2 undergraduate programs and 3 Master programs, it also offers 3 doctoral programs and has 2 postdoctoral mobile research station in civil engineering and geology engineering. The disciplines covered in these programs are all state key ones. The department has undertaken a number of important projects concerning teaching reforms, which include 'the Study and Practice of the Reform of Undergraduate Curriculum and Course Structure for Training and Bringing Up Civil Engineering Professionals' assigned by the Ministry of Education, and 'the Study and Practice of the Reform of Curriculum and Structure in the Series Courses of Structural Engineering for Undergraduate Program of Civil Engineering' assigned by the Ministry of Construction.

     The department is equipped with first class laboratory facilities which provide technical support for geotechnical testing related to teaching and research. With the help of the triaxial unsaturated soil testing system, the biaxial rock creep testing apparatus and the continuous surface wave system which are most advanced in China, many important research projects are conducted here. Putting great emphasis on scientific research and the idea of human-the-first, the department has obtained a large number of significant achievements and has produced lots of engineers with excellent expertise. Within the last five years, more than twenty research projects were awarded the Advancement Prize of Science and Technology by the national and provincial governments.

     The department attaches great importance to the combination of teaching, research and practice, especially the industrialization of academic achievements. Most of our faculty members have been actively involved and played important roles in such major engineering projects as Shanghai Metro Lines No.1 and No.2, Shanghai Light-rail Transit System, Underwater Tunnels across the Huangpu River, Three Gorges Hydraulic Engineering Project, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Runyang Bridge and Jiangyin Bridge across the Yangtze River.

    Having gone through twists and turns, the Department of Geotechnical Engineering is now embracing the sunshine of the new century and its rejuvenation. Advancing with each passing day, it will undoubtedly build a more prosperous future and make greater contributions to Chinese education.